Over the last few months I have been giving quite a lot of talks and after-dinner speeches and I have noticed that the question period at the end of talks usually contains roughly the same questions.  Not always, of course, I’ve had some really odd questions (Why do you dislike Brussels Sprouts?), but in general […]

No one can have failed to notice that this year, 2014, is exactly a hundred years since the start of the war that became known as the ‘First World War’.  At the time it was called various things – the ‘Great War’, the ‘German War’ and most ironically of all ‘The War to End War.’ […]

Social media and the Twittering classes have been a-buzz with pro and anti Muslim rhetoric at the top of their respective lungs over the last few months. Two things have become evident. In common with most hotly-debated issues on the ‘net most contributors haven’t any real idea of what they are declaiming about and secondly […]

  Like most of us I have watched the face of that poor woman, Schapelle Corby, on the television news each night and thought, there but for the grace of God, go I.  It seems so possible that it might happen to any one of us. But before we get too carried away and start […]

From time to time I flip through the ‘womens’’ magazines that Angela buys – Womens’ Day;  Womens’ Weekly and, for all I know, Womens’ Monthly. I tell her it’s for ‘research’ – but the truth is I quite like magazines.  I may not care too much about who Ms Anderson is married to this month […]

Henry Anderson was a clerkly and careful man. He had been raised during the Great Depression, one of a family of four children.  Three boys and a girl. Although they had never gone hungry, there was very little money for anything but food. Little Henry had watched his father, an engine driver, on many occasions […]

Photo courtesy of Verge Studios